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Poetry 2021

Poetry Anthologies

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by Luisa Soto

Please wait. 


Don’t give up

On me, 

On what we can be 

Give me time. 

Time to find 


Without you 

Before i can find my love for 


give me time 

That’s all I ask. 

                                                Please wait. 


by Isabel Mendez

i’m falling, catch me.

lost in a splintered heart.

might lose an arm or two

nothing, nobody

trapped, petrified

don’t let me go.               don’t let me go.             don’t let

me go.

                                  don’t let me fall.  

              don’t let me go.                      don’t let me go.


Proud American

by Bresy Pedraza-Perez

They branded it into my skin

I am now their  


They have cut

My slick tongue

They brand a seal

Over my heritage

It is their expertise

I am American

I must take pride

Silence my complaints

For they are me

And I am


The idea


You and me

Sparks danger

              I am afraid.


by Luisa Soto

maybe losing myself wasn’t such a bad idea

by Isabel Mendez

hey mom, hey dad.

                   i found myself,

                                          she’s not the old me,

                                                                but i like this one

                                                                                          a lot better.

can we keep her?

                                        will you guys love her like i do?


by Aby Banales Sedano

I'm tired of life

I just wanna kick and fight

I wanna run free

And just be me

I'm tired of being held down

And being told what i am

I yell and kick

But does nothing to help

I'm trapped inside

From my body and mind

I can't really think but only weep

The tears fall

The wet warm feel

Pulls me back into reality

The warm and cold reality

I use sleep to dream

Dream of things

I can’t feel

I dream

To escape this reality

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