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Poetry 2020

she isn’t the monster of this story

I blamed her for a long time

And part of me still does

They are toxic together 

But they have created a future together 

She isn't to blame

Not for his unemployment

Not for his lack of responsibility

And certainly not for his actions


I don't even blame them

The one’s who watched as he took his first sip

A cigarette has no power if it isn't lit 

The pills and the bottles have no power if there is control

I blame him

I blame his lack of control

by Daisy Mora

My lifeline 





You breathe into a breath of depth

You allow me to see beauty 

Pain transformed into wisdom 

Life lived as a witness

You consume all of me 


I lose myself


I love 



by Jordan Wafer

You keep saying you’re enough

I’m tired of people reciting this 

That's what everyone tells me when I’m empty 

My emptiness has never coped with those words

You keep saying everything will sort itself out 

I’ve always wondered that 

Or will the problem sort me out

You keep saying it’s temporary

Frankly that’s how everything has been in my life

The love 

The help 

The people 

My life

This poem


by Jordan Wafer


I was scared

I was scared of the black and white fur ball 

Running around the room

But I was excited that it was mine


I was happy

Happy that he knew me enough to gift it to me 

Happy that he knew me 

Better than I knew myself


I felt loved 

And I made a silent promise to always love my fur ball

And I did 

Until it left

And then he left 

Maybe they left together


by Daisy Mora

naz cover.png

click on the image above to read an excerpt from naz p's anthology

Sometimes I feel a bit underwater 


Gasping for air

Needing level 

a new place to start, beginning, origin

Tangled with my swimsuit

Scared to face realization 


A place of discomfort 


Desperate for sea level


He drowned with no one to help

by Jordan Wafer

We are temporary

But the art we leave behind can tell a story

Can tell you why

We did what we did

Felt what we felt

by Blue Cunningham

Mental illnesses are real

We feed off each other's energy

Land is under stress

We’re eating and depleting

Our own life support

by Jordan Wafer

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