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Pandemic Poetry

Their hatred for me is hypocritical

I do the same as them 

I live and reproduce just like they do 

And yet i'm the monster

Over their own history they have only thought of one upping

and destroying each other

And yet consider themselves better than animals

They are the world’s true destroyer 

And I'm just dealing the justice they deserve.


by Rodrigo Espilco

I look for my next victim

They’re everywhere

The young 

The dumb

The old

People make it so easy

I’m the thing your parents warn you about

The monster under your bed

The mystery on the news 

The underestimated disease

I’ve come 

And I’ve consumed

Leaving crying children and empty beds in my wake


by Daisy Mora

Maybe one day

I can look back on everything and say

I made it

I made it through all the stress

All the pain

Maybe one day

I'll look back and say

It made me

by Blue Cunningham

I met a gift disguised as a curse the other day

Who showed me what I missed out on when he wasn’t here

“With me around, it’s easier to look into yourself.

You've become as clear as a glass of water”

And though I’d like to scoff and shoo him away, I have to admit its true:

This virus has given me the opportunity to meet myself all over again

Thanks to a world that has turned completely upside down

I feel whole again 

by Stephany Urbina

The straw that broke the camel's back 

Who would of thought

It would be

Something you can't even physically see 

Either way 

I’ve had fun 

Just like your uncle 

Who drank too many coronas

I will hand it to you though

Somehow you have managed 

To make me political 

Maybe you saw the pictures of me 

And believed me 

To be 


I mean 

They do depict 


Did they think 

That it made the immune

With that logic 

They must be as prone to idiocy 

As they are to me 

Well in any case 

Just like their racist system

I’ve stuck around 

I have already created 

a legacy

Broke your economy 

Flooded your system 


Any American who is paying attention 

I wonder how much debt 

You'll carry 

I wonder how many caskets 

Will be carried 

I wonder if you’re still okay 

With your healthcare system 

I wonder if you will ever get rid of me  

Remember how you were in a 2 week quarantine

Well it was lovely talking to you

See you around

by Bresy Pedraza-Perez

It wants sleep as badly as I do 

I run on charge, upload, and  post 

My life won’t allow it to 

I just blocked my friends off

how can we fix this 

I am tired

of the same



by Jordan Wafer

Dear keyboard,





Your screen is too bright, flashing white light into my tired eyes

You are heavy, supporting all your weight on my skinny legs 

And if you won’t learn to whisper, at least learn to shout when I ask you to

When I press hard on your sound button

I’m hoping it will increase my ability to concentrate

Shake me out of sleepiness

And maybe 

Just maybe 

Teach me to start loving working from home

by Stephany Urbina

What my emotions look like in COVID-19

Hair falls like a limp sail

On her stretched face 

Tears flow wide

And the sharp lines

Begin to  fade 

I didn’t mean it

But some part I did 

Now I’m free

But it doesn’t seem

To really matter

Waves carry 

Pain and relief

Down a spent face hope lives in between each peak and valley

by Jordan Wafer

I keep my eyes on the screen and one hand on my pen

My ink as dark as the times we live in 

My sheets as stained as her cheeks 

I document what flashes before my eyes

I document her pain

His pain

Their pain

Her story ingrained in my brain

My heavy heart becoming lighter as the ink drains 

I hold my breath until my lungs burn

Too afraid to inhale

But still

I inhale 

by Daisy Mora

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