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APRIL 20 - DIANA GOMEZ (sophomore)

With this quarantine going on, it's important to focus on the positives to keep your head up.

I had a big dose of the positive the other day, when my cousin-in-law, Luis Vargas, finally released his first full album, “Where To Begin”, on all streaming platforms! Under the stage name “Sanity”, his album includes 10 songs, one of them featuring Eastside’s dorm RF Jesse Sanchez !

My whole family is bursting with pride for Luis for getting one step closer to his dream of becoming a professional artist.

Seeing someone I know succeed has been the highlight of my life under quarantine. Not only that, but honestly, his songs are really good! My favorite is “Loquita”, even though it’s a little strange to me that the song is about my cousin and their relations.

With all the extra time you have these days, you’re probably looking for some new music, so make sure to stream “Where To Begin” on any platform!

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